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The pedagogy of an educational institution is the most decisive factor towards the development of a child's intellect & discernment. At Steward Morris School right since its inception the art of nurturing children & helping their brains open to the wonders of the world has been an integral part of the well knit Education System. At SMS students are expected to have an enriching & life turning experience which shall enable them to excel in their career span.

The ongoing academic session has been an exhibition of accomplishments both in academics and co-curricular activities aiming to reinforce the school ideology

"The all-round development of students".

The well experienced and dexterous faculties understand the ethos of the system & the due responsibility of making the nation bright with Strengthening the young brains drenched with immense possibilities of explorations and career triumphs. We would like to thank parents who have reposed their faith in our institution & the ideals it stands for.